Madlena Dašić

Graphic Designer

Madlena Domazet is currently enrolled at the PHD course at the University of Metropolitan, under the mentorship of Mitar Marinovic, of Gallery 12. Works as a Professor of basic study courses of “The basics of graphic design” and ” Portfolio design” at the Faculty of Digital Arts.
Has worked in creative concepts producing interior design and conceptual design. She has been a part of artistic workshops and organizations.
Madlena is the curator of all Metropolitan exhibitions and all creative content and manifestations having to do wth European projects and locally artistic based events. Has worked for Tempus Educational projects, and spent 2 years working with Angewandte in Vienna researching Visual Mathematics.

Prior exhibitions: Mikser festival every year to date, Fashion Week Serbia 2012 and 2013, personal exhibits at New Moment Gallery, Parobrod, The house of King Peter, The house of Djura Jaksic, historical exhibits researching World War 2, interactive installations promoting fashion design in Mikser House, Bafe 2014, Parobrod.

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