Madlena Dašić

Madlena Domazet Dasic grew up in Singapore, and is currently living in Belgrade. She has accomplished her PHD majoring in Design of New Media, at  the Metropolitan University of Belgrade. Currently, beside her art studio, she works as a Professor of visual art courses on the basic and master level.

She is a member of ULUPUDS, The Association of Aplied Artists and Designers of Serbia.

Within her design studio, she works on commercial and avanguarde projects alike.

She is the founder and CEO of the socially engaged initiative “Artists Anonymous Belgrade”, a design engine bringing together creative professionals working and aiming to collect funds for social causes.

She has exhibited her work in London, Barcelona, New York, Zagreb, Belgrade and Vienna.

Her commercial projects are mainly based on producing brand design concepts. This meanS she creates design baseD strategies for upcoming brands leaning on storytelling and powerful visual statements, for all formats needed.

She is the author of a book of visual prose named “Cigarettes, Cognac and Pavarotti”.

Has worked in creative concepts producing interior design and conceptual design. AS A LECTURER, She has been a host  of various artistic workshops and organisations in Serbia and abroad.

She has worked for “Tempus” Educational projects, and spent 2 years working with The Angewandte University in Vienna researching Visual Mathematics.

She was chosen to be apart of the Sebian Ministry Project of Young Researchers, and her PHD disertation was focused on subjects via this project, in the theory of visual poetry.

Madlena Domazet Dašić

Personal Shows

Exhibition ”Eye Candy”, Gallery Baza Belgrade May 2023.
Exhibition ”Eye Candy”, „Kulturni Centar Dorćol“, Belgrade March 2023.
PHD exhibition ”Cigarettes, Cognac and Pavarotti“ Galerry „Zvono“ Belgrade, 2021.
Performance and exhibition ”Perfection of the imperfect” Šibenik, Croatia, 2020.
Mikser Festival, ”Reflective Education”, Silosi, Belgrade, 2018.
Interactive Performance ”Transformation” Parobrod, Belgrade, 2015.

Group and collective shows

”Holy Art”-London 2023 septembar.
“Svetla budućnost“ ULUPUDS Majska izložba, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade
“Art Number 23”-  Barselona april 2023
”Art Box Project New York” / New York,  Manhaten, april 2023.
”Vogue”, Galerija ”Boomer“, London, Septembar 2022.
Festival  “Illustrofest” Beograd, 2022.
”La Dolce Vita“ show,  „Faradaj“ Madrid, 2022.
Interactive show, Mikser Festival ”What liberates you” 2018.
Profesors Exhibition, Gallery „Pro3or“, Belgrade 2018.
Science Festival-„Art that moves you“-”Movement in Space”-2018.
Master exhibition, interactive show ”Clothing”, King Peters House Gallery, Belgrade, 2015.
Master exhibition ”Clothing”, Gallery “Hub”, Savamala, Belgrade 2015.
Exhibition ”Egzibicija” , Gallery “New Moment”. Belgrade, 2014.
Exhibition ”CMYK” Silosi, Belgrade, 2013.

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